Transcend the tradition,
Decide LED future,
BX asynchronous control cards used for LED full color display screens by it’s best controlling technology,
And replace of the present LED synchronous control cards by it’s simple construction and operation,
As to realize network controlling and cluster sending,
It will become the mainstream products on LED full color controlling technology,
On Feb, 2014, BX-YQ series released,
Will lead the population of Led asynchronous full color display screens on network application.


Products application
On-board 100M Ethernet port, SD cassette and double USB port;
Hardware configuration: Adopt A8 processor/CPU 1GHz, 512MB DRAM/4GB SD card;
Support video and audio outputting;
Support U/Flash disk/SD card;
Steady performance, simple installation and operation;
Widely used on all kinds LED full color display screens and LED Media full color screen cluster systems;

Support wide sized screens, abundant display functions;
Best techniques and quality.-40℃~80℃ wide working temperature;
Support firmware update online;
Support temperature sensor, temperature&humidity sensor and other sensors;
Support IR controller;

Technical parameters:
Product name              BX-YQ1-75 Multi-Media player
Products status           put into the market in March, 2014.
Control area                256*384
Gray scale                    65536grade
Screen types                All kinds of LED full color screen
Memory storage          With 4GByte SD card, support U/flash disk or import the programs to the SD card
Software function        Groups cluster management/multi-program editing/multi-area display/multi-language version
Program type               Normal/Shared program
Program quantity        Support 512 programs, each program with 8 areas
Area type                       Graphic/subtitle/video/time/clock/timer/temperature/temperature & humidity/weather forecast
Frame mode                The colorful and active area frame
Clock mode                  Dial/in Chinese and English/timer (all support multi-groups)
Communication port   Support 100M Ethernet and 3G wireless sending
Interface                        12nos T75 interface, 24nos RGB data
Sensor supported        Temperature/temperature & humidity
Remote control             Select program/lock screen/brightness adjustment/power on & off/screen test
Bright regulation           8 grades brightness, support manual and auto-timing adjustment/software adjustment/remote control
Power on/off                  Support auto-timing power on & off/software power on & off/remote control
Working voltage            5V(3.5V-6V wide voltage; we suggest supply power alone to the card)
Maximum power           ≤4W
Working temperature    -40℃~80℃
SDK                                support DLL, or part of the protocol

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