The Toronto Star is a Canadian broadsheet daily newspaper. As ofit was Canada's highest-circulation newspaper in overall weekly circulation: [6] although a close second to The Globe and Mail in daily circulation on weekdays, it overtakes the Globe sign up no deposit bonus weekly circulation because the Globe does not publish a Sunday edition.

The Star originally known as the Evening Star and then the Toronto Daily Star was created in [11] by striking Toronto News printers and writers, led by future Mayor of Toronto and social reformer Horatio Clarence Hockenwho became the newspaper's founder, [12] along with another future mayor, Jimmy Simpson.

The Star was first printed on Toronto World presses, and at its formation, The World owned a 51 percent interest in it [13] as a silent partner. The paper did poorly in its first few years. Hocken sold out within the year, and several owners followed in succession until railway entrepreneur William Mackenzie bought it in Sheppard and Frederic Thomas Nichollsmoved the entire Star operation into the same building used by the magazine Saturday Night.

Atkinson more info the Star ' s editor from until his death in Atkinson had a social conscience. He championed many causes that would come to be associated with the modern welfare state : old is playamo safe pensionsunemployment insurance is playamo safe, and health care.

The Star was unique among North American newspapers in its consistent, ongoing sign up no deposit bonus of the interests of ordinary people. The friendship of Atkinson, the publisher, with Mackenzie Kingthe prime ministerwas a major the star owner on the development of Canadian social policy.

Atkinson became the controlling shareholder of the Star. The star owner decades, the paper included heavy doses of crime and sensationalism, along with advocating social change. From tothe Star published a weekend supplement, the Star Weekly. Shortly before his death inJoseph E. Atkinson transferred ownership of the paper to a charitable organization given the mandate of continuing the paper's liberal tradition.

Atkinson's will had directed that profits from the paper's operations were "for the promotion and maintenance of social, scientific and economic reforms which are charitable in nature, for the benefit of the people of the province uptown aces bonus code Ontario" and it stipulated that the paper could be sold only to people who shared his social views.

Descendants of the original owners, known as "the is playamo safe families", [d] still control the voting shares of Torstarthe star owner and the Atkinson Principles continue to guide the paper to this day. In FebruaryStar media columnist Antonia Zerbisias wrote on her blog:. Besides, we are the Star which means we all have the Atkinson Principles—and its multi-culti values—tattooed on our butts. Fine the star owner me. At least we are upfront about our values, and they almost always work in favour of building a better Canada.

From tothe Star was also a radio broadcaster on its station CFCAbroadcasting on a wavelength of metres The new building originally housed the paper's presses. During the Northeast blackoutthe Star printed the paper at a press in WellandOntario. Until the mids, the front page the star owner the Toronto Star had no third-party advertising aside from upcoming lottery jackpot link from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation OLG.

On May 28,the Star unveiled a redesigned paper that sign up no deposit bonus larger type, narrower pages, fewer and shorter articles, renamed sections, more prominence to local news, and less so to international news, columnists, and opinion pieces.

Star P. On January 15,Torstar confirmed the closure of its Vaughan printing presses and that it would outsource printing to Transcontinental Printing article source, leading to the layoff of all staff at the plant as Transcontinental has its own existing facility, also in Vaughan.

In Octoberthe Toronto Star acquired iPoliticsa political news outlet. On December 20,all StarMetro editions ceased publication amid the popularity and resultant growth of news apps on mobile devices. Local coverage once again became restricted to the Golden Horseshoe conurbation.

Like its competitor The Globe and Mailthe Star covers "a spectrum of opinion that is best described as urban and Central Canadian " in character. The Star is generally centrist and centre-leftand is more socially liberal than The Globe and Mail.

Atkinson[46] who was editor and publisher of the paper for 50 years. Kesterton described the Star as "perpetually indignant" because of its social consciousness. Another of the "Atkinson principles" has been a "strong, united and independent Canada"; in a editorial, the paper wrote, believe in the British connection as much as anybody does but on a self-respecting basis of equality, of citizenship, and not on the old basis of one country belonging to the other.

In the s, Michael Farber wrote in the Montreal Gazette that the Star ' s coverage was Toronto-centric to the point that any is playamo safe was said to carry an explanation as to "What is playamo safe means to Metro. In the 50 years tothe Star endorsed the Liberal Party in each federal general election.

Elections in which the Star did not endorse the Liberals took place in and when it endorsed the Progressive Conservativesand and when it endorsed the NDP. In Toronto's non-partisan mayoral is playamo safe, the Star endorsed George Smitherman in [55] and John Sign up no deposit bonus in [56] and The Http:// is one of the few Canadian newspapers that employs a " public editor " ombudsman and was the first to do so.

Its newsroom policy and journalistic standards guide is also published online. The Please click for source states that it favours an inclusive, " big tent " approach, not wishing to attract one group of readers at the expense of others. It publishes special sections for Is playamo safe New Year and Gay Pride Weekalong with regular features on real estate including sign up no deposit bonusindividual neighbourhoods and sign up no deposit bonus name etymologiesshopping, cooking, dining, alcoholic beverages right online pokies australia free no to having an exclusive on the anti-competitive practices of the Beer Store that led to major reforms on the sale of alcohol in Ontario grocery stores in by Premier Kathleen Wynne and Ed Clarkautomobiles as Wheelsand travel destinations.

The advent of the National Post in shook up the Toronto newspaper market. In October the star owner, the Star announced its intention to implement a paywall on its website, thestar.

Readers with daily home delivery had free access to all its digital content. Those without a digital subscription can view up to ten articles a month. However, during lateis playamo safe Star announced that it would end its paywall, which it did on April 1, In Junethe Star announced it was implementing a paywall again.

On September 15,the Toronto Star released the Toronto Star Touch tablet app, which was a free interactive news app with interactive advertisements. It was discontinued in At launch, it was only available for the iPadwhich uses iOS. Based on a similar app for Montreal-based La Presse released inStar Touch is the first such app for any English-language news organization, quality-wise. Toronto Star Touch was replaced by ePaper.

On January 15,the Toronto Star announced it would close is playamo safe printing plant in Vaughan and outsource all print production the star owner in July The newspaper said the closure sign up no deposit bonus effected, so it could better focus on its digital outlets. The Toronto Star has seen, like most Canadian daily newspapersa decline in circulation.

Its total circulation dropped by 22 percent tocopies daily from to In Februarythe Toronto Star suspended its internship program indefinitely to cut its costs. The takeover was approved by an Ontario judge on July 27, The Toronto Star has been located at several addresses from to From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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