1,Module size 1R1G1B
2,convenient for installation
3,for the advertising media, sports stadiums

advertising media, sports stadiums, airport station integrated information dissemination, business establishments, public square

1. Hanging beam structural design makes it easy and fast for installation

   2. Neat and Hidden Wiring allow the 
LED Display more tidy and beautiful.

   3. Hanging beam and the base come to unity, That is, hanging beam could be used as a base when we need to install display on the floor. Even no back frame, the base can support the whole display if only the display's weight is 4m more or less. Efficiently utilize resources, reduce costs, convenient for installation .

   4. locks on both sides of cabinet contribute to uniformity and flatness of two neighboring cabinets.

   5.  fast installation, a cabinet could be uninstalled in one minute.

  Item No.        WAA6131/WAA6130
  Pixel Pitch (mm)         P20
  Application         16*16
  Module resolution         256*256
  Module size         1R1G1B
  Pixel combination         Static state
  Driving way         1.15Kg
  Module weight (Kg)        1024*768/1024*1024
  Body size         96*72/96*96
  Cabinet resolution         9216
  Cabinet pixel         12/18
  The number of modules         Fixed installation iron box
  Module weight (Kg)         47/57
  Body size         8800
  Cabinet resolution(W/mm)         185W/mm
  The maximum power (W/mm)         ≤650W/mm


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