Specially used inWidely used in large area LED display
Upload program by U disk, easy to install, free wiring
Best choice for distributed cluster display system and high cost cabling areas



1.The single-USB interface LED display controller, no serial, operation more easy
Powerful capacity in reading all kinds of USB disks
2.3.5V- 6.5V wide voltage range, -40° C~ 80° C wide work temperature
3. Flexible and rich display control, High performance price ratio, support firmware update by USB disk
4. Parameters setting/ Scan configuration/ Program update can be completed conveniently by USB disk
5. Correction time/ Brightness adjustment/ Timer for switch can be completed conveniently by USB disk

Technical parameters: 
Product model BX-5UT
Product status The latest 5th generation products, put into market on March 28, 2012.
Control area Single color 16K 1024* 16 512* 32
Double color 8K 512* 16 256* 32
Memory Storage
Screen types 2MByte
All kinds of single and double colors LED screen at the height of 36 pixels
Software function Screens cluster management/ multi-program/ multi-areas display/ multi-languages
Program quantity Support 32programs, 8areas for each program
Area type Picture and text/ single line text/ animation/ lunar calendar/ digital clock/ 
analogue clock/ timer/ temperature/ temperature & humidity
Program type Normal/ global/ real-time/ shared/ self-adapted program
Frame mode Most advanced colorful / magic graphics frame/ Area frame
Background Support text/ image/ colorful and active background
Time mode Analogue clock/ digital clock/ timing and counting-down timer ( support multi-groups) 
Communication mode USB download
Interface 1groups T8 and 2 groups of T12
Sensors supported Supported temperature and humidity sensors
Remote control Remote control program/ lock screen/ brightness adjustment/ power on/ off / screen test
Bright regulation 16 grades brightness, manual and auto-timing adjustment/ remote control
Power on/ off mode Auto-timing powered on/ off / remote control
Voltage 5V( 3.5V~ 6.5V ) 
Maximum power d2W
Temperature -40° C~ 80° C
Secondary development Provide the DLL and corresponding demos
Adapter Without
Application fields Specially used in car and small area strip LED display
Software LedshowTW2013
User manual LEDshowTW 2013 software user manual

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