BX-5Q+ application
With 100M Ethernet port and USB port;
Best price, simple operations, and high performance price ratio;
Widely used in kinds of small LED lintel full color display screen;
Support cascade function, maximum area: 256K pixels (width≤4096,height≤640);

BX-5Q+ feature
Support 100M Ethernet port, bound with MAC mechanism, no need of IP settings, identify and connect intelligently;
Ethernet communication mode support direct link/Ethernet/Internet;
Support U disk play;
Smart control area, abundant display functions;
Good technicals, best quality, 3.5V-6V wide working voltage, -40°C-80°C working temperature;
Support firmware update;
Support temperature sensor and temperature & humidity sensor;
Support infrared remote control;

BX-5Q+ latest function
Add high brightness/ high refresh rate mode;
Add the function of refresh rate as to solve the problem of virtual lights;
Add neon area and neon stunt group which with stronger activeness and effect;
Add 8 kinds of graphic display modes on Text/Graphic area;
Easy to operate, with good application test

Product name               BX-5Q2+ asynchronous full color lintel controller
Products status            The latest 5th generation products, put into the market on Sept, 2013.
Control area                  80K pixels
                                        1024*80 848*96 720*112 640*128 560*144 512*160
Memory storage           128MByte
Gray scale                     256/128/64 grade
Screen types                 All kinds of LED full color screen
Software function         Groups cluster management/multi-program editing/multi-area display/multi-language version
Program type                Normal/Shared program
Program quantity          Support 512 programs, each program with 32 areas
Area type                        Neon/overlay text/graphic/subtitle/animation/time/clock/timer/temperature/temperature & humidity
Frame mode                 The advanced colorful border/area border
Clock mode                   Dial/in Chinese and English/timer (all support multi-groups)
Communication port    support 100M Ethernet and USB port
Interface                         1 nos 50PIN/160 lines
Sensor supported         temperature/temperature & humidity
Remote control             Select program/lock screen/brightness adjustment/power on & off/screen test
Bright regulation          16 grades brightness, support manual and auto-timing adjustment/remote control
Power on/off                 Support auto-timing power on & off/software power on & off/remote control
Working voltage           5V(3.5V-6V wide voltage)
Maximum power          ≤2.5W
Working temperature   -40℃~80℃
SDK                                support DLL
Software                        LEDshowTW2013(V13.09.01.00)
User manual                "Ledshow TW2013 user manual"
Adapter                         HUB-T75A  HUB-T74A  HUB-T08A  HUB-Adapter

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