This article should be moved to Star City Earth If required, use the talk page for discussion. It was founded years beforein approximately Despite being a thriving metropolis, Star City was rife with poverty, crime, and corruption. It is mentioned to have had a population ofpeople, though this number has presumably fluctuated following several terrorist attacks on the city. It was located approximately miles from Central City.

Initially, the city was named Starling City. However, following his takeover of Queen Consolidated, Ray Palmer wished to have the city rebranded as "Star City" in an attempt to rejuvenate its populace after the events star city the Glades Earthquake and the subsequent invasion of Slade Wilson's army.

Star City was plagued by crime and corruption at all levels of society, from gangs and drug dealers in the streets to corrupt corporate executives such as Adam Hunt. The most prominent gangs in For best online casino signup bonus like City were the Chinese Triad opinion pokies online no deposit bonus remarkable the Solntsevskaya Bratva the Russian mafiaand formerly the Bertinelli crime family before its demise.

Drug dealing was a star city concern for the police department for many years, but they were unsuccessful in effectively dealing with the issue.

The city suffered from dangerous drug dealing from Cecil Star cityDr. Webb star city, and Werner Zytle by spreading Vertigo throughout the city. At one point, the Church of Blood gained considerable influence and power in Star City. They simultaneously managed to get Sebastian Blood elected mayor of Star City and gained control of Queen Consolidated through Isabel Rochev, and then unleashed an army of Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers on the city.

However, the Church of Blood was stopped star city the efforts of Team Arrow, and its leaders were imprisoned or killed.

The emergence of Tobias Church into the city saw the rise of crime in his quest to control the criminal element and the entire city. Inboxer Ted Grant began operating as a vigilante patrolling the Glades.

He took on Isaac Stanzler as his protege and star city some small media attention. His vigilante activities ended when Isaac beat to death a criminal he and Ted were pursuing. Inshipwrecked billionaire Oliver Queen returned to civilization with the purpose of saving Star City from the people poisoning it. Acting as the vigilante The Hood, Oliver dealt major blows to the criminal underworld throughout his first months causing crime rates to lower.

A mentally unstable star city lord's daughter, Helena Bertinellialso acted as a vigilante to exact revenge on her own father, star city his criminal empire and aiming to murder him. She failed to murder him, however, and he managed to escape from her. After the earthquake that devastated the city and the Hood's self-imposed retirement, embittered survivors formed a copycat group called the Hoods to star city vigilante vengeance on those they considered guilty of helping in the Glade's destruction.

At star city same time that the Hoods appeared, Starling saw the arrival of star city mysterious vigilante called The Canary, star city fought crimes related to misogyny. She turned out to be Sara Lance, who had long been presumed dead.

After the Undertaking, Roy Harper took to vigilantism to protect the innocent people of star city Glades. Later he became an informant for The Arrow, and ultimately star city member of his team, known as Arsenal. After Sara died, Laurel Lance star city to vigilantism as well and took up star city mantle of the Black Canary in place of her sister.

In May after Green Arrow publicly defeated Damien Darhk many vigilantes fought to clean star city the streets of their city, inspired by the acts of Star city Arrow.

This included a hockey mask wearing vigilante named Rene Ramirez who was later given the name Wild Dog once he joined Team Arrow in the fall of the same year. Also, Evelyn Sharp became a vigilante again after acting as a Black Canary copycat and was given the name Artemis once joining Team Arrow.

A mysterious man in rags named Rory Regan also became a vigilante, killing people he thought were responsible for Genesis Day, as he was the last survivor of Havenrock. Regan along with the others joined Team Arrow and was given the name Ragman.

A mysterious slots australian bonus online no deposit who wore ski goggles also appeared as well. In October Curtis Holtmember of Team Arrow as tech support, turned to vigilantism after being beaten up and feeling helpless.

He became the vigilante known as Mr. Terrific and provided field support for Team Arrow. Later on, the mysterious "Mr. Ski Goggles" was revealed to be a murderous avenger known simply as the Vigilantewho opposed Green Arrow's methods as ineffective. InCouncilwoman Emily Pollard issued an anti-vigilante legislation to put restrictions on vigilante activities.

However, Oliver Queen the mayor of Star City star city the vigilante known as Green Arrow invoke chapter 9 of the city charter to put the vote out to the citizens. After Cayden James released a star city to the press, displaying that Team Arrow was apparently attacking police officers however, it was actually Cayden's men disguised as Star City police officers this causes more citizens to vote in star city history!

best no deposit mobile casino join the anti-vigilante legislation, enough for the legislation to pass. However, despite this action, the anti-vigilante laws has proven to be ineffective in putting limitations on the Outsiders and Team Arrow's vigilante activities. Five months after Ricardo Diaz 's downfall, due to the citizens of Star City being aware that Diaz had corrupted most members of the SCPD; as a result, they have lost complete faith in star city police department, as they have come to have more faith in vigilantes such as the new Green Arrow.

Team Arrow was star city by the Star city and later was turned into their own special ops unit for the department. Star City's star city in the police was star city restored thanks to this collaboration. Inthe city was shaken by a corporate conspiracy known as the Undertakingthrough the machinations of Malcolm MerlynCEO of Merlyn Global Groupin a plan that took years to complete. It was during this Undertaking that a Markov Device caused an earthquake in an impoverished section of the named the Glades.

This was done in retaliation star city Malcolm losing his wife Rebeccadespite her goal in life was to help the less fortunate residing in the Glades. Rebecca's murder served as the catalyst star city the Undertaking, which cost the life of TommyMalcolm and Rebecca's son.

Inthe city was under a siege lead by a Mirakuru -infected Slade Wilson and his army. However, Team Arrow stopped various assassins from exposing the virus airborne, preventing massive casualties. Ray Palmer had Palmer Technologies star city a cure for the virus. Not long after, Ray was star city dead. The city was subsequently re-branded as Star City in honor of him saving the city from star city Alpha-Omega virus.

Soon after being renamed, Star City fell under attack by H. However, thanks to the efforts of Oliver Queen and star city team, Darhk's plan was ruined and Oliver personally killed him learn more here revenge, as Darhk had killed Oliver's friend and former lover, Laurel Lance.

Afterwards, Oliver became the new mayor of Star City. Oliver had to balance star city being the mayor of Star City and Green Arrow at the same time. Star city, Chase was defeated. In this star city, a new conflict arose, when Cayden James and his cabal declared war against Oliver and the city. James threatened to destroy Star City with a thermobaric bomb as revenge against Oliver, as he believed Oliver had killed his son.

However, James was defeated, but he was merely a puppet for the real culprit, Ricardo Diaz, who used James for his own scheme to take over the city. He star city James and he bribed nearly all the cops and city officials, and leaked false yet also real evidence, that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.

In order to defeat Diaz, Oliver made a deal with FBI, and Star city corruption of the city was, but it also meant Oliver would be arrested for star city crimes as the Green Arrow.

Star City was ultimately destroyed in the Anti-Monitor Crisiswhen Anti-Monitor's wave of antimatter destroyed the multiverse. However, due to Oliver's noble sacrifice, he created a new multiverse, and a new Star City was created on Earth-Prime. When the Legion of Doom created an alternate realityDamien Darhk became the mayor of Star City, once again in possession of the Khushu Idol and all of the magical powers that it grants him.

Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe work as Darhk's star city assassins, hunting down and killing vigilantes active in the city. Star city Smoak was a vigilante active in the field, as opposed to her main counterpart who stays at the base of operations, as the last vigilante left in Star City. His wife, Rebeccaand son, Tommy star city, are still alive and happy, and his daughter Thea is also star city of star city family, who adores him.

In an erased future, by the yearthe city was divided into the new Glades and the rest of Star City. No one click here from Star City was allowed to pass the wall to go to the Glades. Arrowverse Wiki Explore. Vixen Freedom Fighters: The Ray. Star city Joe West.

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